Your new rounded sans-serif friend.

Sonda is a universal sans-serif typeface with rounded stroke terminals, its construction is based on neo-grotesque typefaces, but thanks to its generous proportions and playful design details, it can be comfortably used in visual identities, packaging design as well as in a children’s literature.

Styles: 8
Blocks: Basic Latin, Extended Latin
Languages: 100
Glyphs: 511
Figures: Proportional Lining (Default), Superscript, Superior, Subscript, Inferior, Fractions, Slashed Zero
Features: Stylistic Sets 1–3, Standard Ligatures, Discretionary Ligatures, Case Sensitive Forms, Fractions, Slashed Zero, Superscript Figures, Subscript Figures, Ordinals
Version: 0.3
Copyright: Sonda, Ondrej Jób © 2023.
All rights reserved.