The friendly monospace.

Monoxil Pro is a new and expanded version of the original Monoxil typeface, which was inspired by the aesthetics of medical typography and design, created as part of a two-week school project.

Monoxil Pro is a sans-serif monospace font in eight weights, with italics and a extended character set. Compared to the original Monoxil, its new version is less mechanical and has a pleasant, friendly character.

For characters that are usually compressed (m, w) or expanded (i, l) in a standard monospace typeface in order to fill the fixed space designated for each character, Monoxil Pro also includes stylistic variants with proportional width, which results in smoother text setting, while preserving the monospace expression.

Styles: 16
Blocks: Basic Latin, Extended Latin
Languages: 100
Glyphs: 554
Figures: Tabular Lining (Default), Superscript, Superior, Subscript, Inferior, Fractions
Features: Stylistic Sets 1–3, Standard Ligatures, Case Sensitive Forms, Fractions, Superscript Figures, Subscript Figures, Ordinals
Version: 1.0
Copyright: Monoxil Pro, Ondrej Jób © 2023.
All rights reserved.
Release Date: Feb 1 2023