Manual Grotesk A


The classic Slovak street plate typeface.

Manual Grotesk A typeface is, almost without any divergences, based on the Richard Pípal’s original model for manually constructed typeface from the mid-20th century.

This iconic typeface, practically omnipresent during the socialist era, remains in declining usage today – on Slovak street signage plates. Therefore, its digitization is an effort to preserve it as well as an attempt to re-introduce it in a new context.

Styles: 6
Blocks: Basic Latin, Extended Latin
Languages: 100
Glyphs: 581
Figures: Proportional Lining (Default)
Features: Stylistic Sets 1–6, Small Capitals, All Small Capitals, Ordinals
Version: 1.0
Copyright: Manual Grotesk A, Ondrej Jób © 2018.
All rights reserved.
Release Date: Jun 30 2018