Custom Fonts2022

Custom typeface for Soga, a Slovak art auction company and the leader on the fine art market in Slovakia.

After several approaches were tried and tested, an elegant serif typeface with low static contrast and simple utilitarian character was chosen. The typeface has fine wedge serifs and combines the generous round shapes of the letters o, c, e with the sharply curved arcs of the letters n, m, u. For the needs of the logo, an alternative variant of the letter g was created with an innovative construction, and, in the genre of serif typefaces, an unconventional single-storey letter a.

Date: Oct 2022
Client: Soga, SK
Agency: Milk, SK
Art Direction: Katarína Jančovičová, SK
  • Regular
    154. Zimná aukcia výtvarných diel
  • Regular
    FILKO LIVE! 14. októbra o 19:00 na Medenej 16
  • Regular
    Goltz Alexander Demetrius (1857–1944)