Custom Fonts2023

Lúčnica is a custom typeface created for use in the new visual identity of the Slovak folklore ensemble Lúčnica.

Inspired by a meadow in bloom, Lúčnica is a modern display serif typeface with Light and Black weights. It has a geometric construction with high contrast, which, in select glyphs, is atypically applied — it does not adhere to the principles of stroke modulation but instead organically imitates shoots and stems of plants. The typeface also includes special slanted capitals and numerous decorative and connecting variants of selected glyphs, which can be variously combined using OpenType features. For the numerals, a hybrid design was chosen, balancing between lining and old-style figures.

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Date: Dec 2023
Client: Lúčnica, SK
Art Direction: Matej Klíč, Milan Bielik, Andrej Hrivnák
  • Light
    Štátne divadlo Košice — 15. 7. 2023
  • Black
    Premiéra predstavenia Koločas
  • Light
    Svetozár Stračina: „Počuť vôňu živého“