Custom Fonts2021

The Lyra Sans and Lyra Script typefaces were created specifically for use in the visual identity and packaging design of the Slovak chocolate manufacturer Lyra.

The typefaces use an unorthodox inverted contrast, Lyra Sans is available in seven styles from Thin to Black, Lyra Script has three styles – Thin, Light and Regular, corresponding to the three thinnest styles of Lyra Sans.

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Date: Sep 2021
Agency: Michal Slovák, SK
Client: Lyra, SK
  • Light
    71 Rue des Grands-Augustins Plaza de Balmes, D/92
  • Medium
    745 Joseph Ward Haven Placa Tere Valladares, D/7
  • Bold
    647 Jason Roberts Circle Eje de Fontanella, 72
  • Black
    32 Passage Delaplace 36 Cinder Cove
  • Script Thin
    81 Chaussee des Archives 893 Anchor Court 74
  • Script Light
    Ronda de la Universitat, 1 192 Windy Round Apt. 61
  • Thin
    Luisa-Roth-Markt 67 164 Steven Washington Glen
  • Regular
    Rigaerstrasse 29 Niederkirchnerring 14
  • Script Regular
    Passatge Laietana, 24 Maria-Schuster-Platz 37
  • Heavy
    83 Porte de Presbourg Via de Jaume Perich, 29