Custom Fonts2021

The Lyra Sans and Lyra Script typefaces were created specifically for use in the visual identity and packaging design of the Slovak chocolate manufacturer Lyra.

The typefaces use an unorthodox inverted contrast, Lyra Sans is available in seven styles from Thin to Black, Lyra Script has three styles – Thin, Light and Regular, corresponding to the three thinnest styles of Lyra Sans.

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Date: Sep 2021
Agency: Michal Slovák, SK
Client: Lyra, SK
  • Regular
    Avenida Emidio Esqueda, F/81 Avinguda Garica, D/54
  • Heavy
    52 Rue Adolphe Mille Lina-Pfeiffer-Zeile 34
  • Bold
    Mollerplatz 1 273 Cook Glen
  • Script Regular
    8 Parc des Lombards 67 Parc Cedric Gerard
  • Script Light
    933 Allen Dale 74 Rue Labatut
  • Medium
    70 Quai Bombelles Hofmannstrasse 67
  • Script Thin
    Passeig dels Almogavers, 70 Calle d’Entenca, 20
  • Light
    Schulzzeile 25 Carrer Espiridion Guadarrama, 86
  • Black
    Mona-Werner-Allee 21 Passatge Baron, 27
  • Thin
    Paul-Schneider-Allee 90 Fasaneriegasse 11