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Lyra Sans & Script

Custom Fonts — 2021
Rigaermarkt 29 Puerta de Laura Albeniz, 58
Script Thin
Schubertgasse 81 Lorenzplatz 53
Paseo Dionisio Orona, 8 86 Rue Saint-Honore
72 Chestnut Blvd 22 Rue Frere
Fuchsstrasse 93 42 Porte de Laborde
Script Regular
Eje Jesus Tamayo, 40 43 Rue Said
Script Light
316 Chestnut Pass C/2 Calle de Tete Montoliu, 49
70 Villa Alex Duchamp 55 Rue Alibert
Eje Robles, 467/75 Kaiserring 67
90 Porte des Entrepreneurs 768 Martin Trek

The Lyra Sans and Lyra Script typefaces were created specifically for use in the visual identity and packaging design of the Slovak chocolate manufacturer Lyra.

The typefaces use an unorthodox inverted contrast, Lyra Sans is available in seven styles from Thin to Black, Lyra Script has three styles - Thin, Light and Regular, corresponding to the three thinnest styles of Lyra Sans.

The main characteristics of the Lyra typefaces are directly inspired by chocolate, its visuality and properties. Each terminal is rounded and strokes widen slightly towards their end, all outer and especially inner corners are rounded, evoking melting chocolate.

Both typefaces are intended for use in headlines, which has affected the principles and solutions used. Whether it’s the unconventional construction of characters like a, s, B or R, significant differences in character widths (c, d, e, o vs. n, m, u) and tight letter-spacing in Lyra Sans or seamlessly connecting letters and expressive capitals of Lyra Script.

Both fonts support pan-European diacritics, contain alternate versions of selected glyphs, two sets of figures, and many symbols.

Agency: Michal Slovák, SK
Client: Lyra, SK
Date: Sep 15 2021