Custom Fonts2021

Kondela Sans is a custom-made typeface designed specifically for use in the visual identity of the Slovak furniture retailer Kondela.

Kondela Sans is a dynamic, low-contrast sans-serif typeface in six weights and two variations — standard variant for normal text setting and the non-traditional connected variant inspired by Kondela’s script logo. Available through OpenType's Swash feature, this variant of Kondela Sans connects individual letters into harmonious, graphically appealing words.

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Date: Dec 2021
Agency: GoBigname, SK
Art Direction: Rudolf Letko, SK
  • Thin
    28 Smith Street 596 Perry Crest F-13
  • Hair Swashes
    12 Rue Margaux Portier 62 Amber Canyon F/6
  • Regular
    Plaza Pizarro, 35 732 Goat Vista
  • Medium Swashes
    Schneidergasse 79 Eje de Jaume Perich, C-1
  • Light Swashes
    Kuhnring 55 Lara-Schmitt-Zeile 95
  • Bold
    31 Place Caillat Jardins Jaramillo, 4