RTVS Sport

Custom Fonts2020

RTVS Sport is a custom typeface design specifically for use in the visual identity and broadcasting of the Slovak TV channel RTVS Šport.

RTVS Sport is a utilitarian sans-serif typeface with modern construction in two weights and italics intended for universal typesetting, especially in TV broadcasting. The characteristic elements of the design are its balanced proportions and the arched construction of the letters n, m, u, further reflected in the letters r, g, y. The italic styles evoke speed and sport dynamics. The font grabs attention when used in large sizes, but is also pleasant to read in smaller texts. For the typesetting needs in the context of TV broadcasting, special attention was paid to the design of numbers and punctuation.

Date: Jun 2020
Client: RTVS, SK
Art Direction: Igor Majkút, SK, Radim Blaho, SK
  • Regular Italic
    738 Michael Brown Ridge Melissa-Vogel-Strasse 82
  • Bold
    66 Cours Nicolas-Appert Avenida de Font, 215-8
  • Bold Italic
    57 Rue Boudreaux 7 Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Denis
  • Regular
    942 Auburn Canyon No. 66 Via Gauna, C/90