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App Font License Agreement

Sep 11 2020

1 Definitions

1.1 Author — Setup Type, the trading brand of Ondrej Jób, MA.

1.2 User — The customer who has purchased a license to use the Fonts. A user can be an individual or a corporation.

1.3 Fonts — Software files containing digital typeface, in type and amount specified on the Sales receipt.

1.4 Sales Receipt — The electronic or physical document User received as confirmation of purchase, containing information about type and scope of the license.

1.5 App — A single software application title designed for use by End Users particularly on computers, gaming consoles, and mobile devices. All software variants that are functionally equivalent across multiple platforms and operating systems are considered a single title.

1.6 Device — A single workstation (computer, laptop) in User’s ownership on which the Fonts will be installed and used. The device may be connected to any number of output devices (e.g. printers).

1.7 End User — A person who downloads, installs and uses the Application.

2 Provisions

2.1 This is a legal agreement between Author and User. By downloading, installing, and using of the Fonts in scope and means specified on the Sales Receipt, the User confirms that they have read, understand, and agree to the following terms.

2.2 If the User is a parent subject or organization licensing the Fonts for subsidiaries in User’s full or partial ownership, or individuals or teams under User’s supervision, the User must ensure they comply with the following terms.

3 Grant of License

3.1 Author grants User a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, worldwide, revocable license to embed the Fonts into the number of Apps specified on the Sales Receipt.

3.2 User may add other Fonts and more App Titles by purchasing an additional license.

4 Installation

4.1 User is permitted to install the Fonts on any number of Devices that are necessary for development of the Apps and will be used solely for this purpose.

4.2 Under no circumstances may the licensed Fonts be shared with third-party contractors, freelance employees, or affiliates. At all times the Fonts must be sufficiently secured against access and illegal acquisition by public and non-licensed third parties.

4.3 User may install the Fonts on a single (1) local area network (LAN) server in User’s ownership to be accessed by any number of Devices that are necessary for development of the Apps and will be used solely for this purpose.

4.4 User is permitted to make a back-up copy of Fonts for archival purposes. The back-up copy of Fonts is subject to all conditions listed above.

5 Usage

5.1 Authorised uses of the Fonts include:

5.1.1 embedding of the Fonts into the number of App Titles specified on the Sales Receipt;

5.1.2 styling, viewing and editing text in the Apps, provided the App End Users do not have the ability to directly access the Fonts in the Apps;

5.1.3 using the Apps to output static files like PNG or JPG displaying the Fonts;

5.1.4 creating of screenshots of the Apps containing the Fonts and reproducing them on screen and/or in print.

5.2 Prohibited uses of the Fonts:

5.2.1 Using the Apps to output downloadable digital documents like PNG or PDF containing the Fonts is strictly prohibited.

5.2.2 Using of Fonts for design and production of printed or digital publications and materials, elements of visual identity, corporate documents, design and production of 3D physical objects, film and video, or any similar output is prohibited under this Agreement. A separate License must be purchased in order to use the Fonts in this manner.

5.2.3 Using of Fonts with the CSS rule @font-face, linking of Fonts into websites and web applications, or using of Fonts with server-hosted image generators is prohibited under this Agreement. A separate License must be purchased in order to use the Fonts in this manner.

5.2.4 Creating specimens or products showing any major portion of the character set of the Fonts for public presentation and access is strictly prohibited without the express consent of the Author.

5.3 Except as may be otherwise expressly permitted by a separate Agreement with the Author, the Fonts or their parts cannot be modified, adapted, or reverse engineered by any means. However, the fonts may be converted into vector outlines and these outlines can be modified in graphic applications such as Adobe Illustrator.

5.4 Except as may be otherwise expressly permitted by a separate Agreement with the Author, the Fonts and none of their parts can be published, leased, licensed or sold to any third-party person, subject, or organization.

6 Rights

6.1 User agrees that the designs embodied in the Fonts, the trade names, trademarks, and copyrights associated with the Fonts are each the exclusive property of the Author. All rights not expressly granted under this Agreement are reserved to the Author.

6.2 The Fonts are protected by trademark (TM) and pursuant to Author’s Act. User is obliged to initiate in printed materials and other documents, in which the Fonts are used, name of the typeface, trademark and copyright clause of the Author. Example: Clarinet™ © Ondrej Jób/Setup Type.

7 Guarantee

7.1 Fonts will be repaired or replaced only if defective. To make a warranty claim, User must notify the provider from which they obtained the Fonts together with a copy of the Sales Receipt. Guarantee shall not be applied to converted, modified or otherwise changed Fonts. Guarantee does not cover assurance of performance, result or marketability of product using the Fonts nor applicability of the Fonts for particular purpose. The Author is not obliged to compensate for the Fonts or return the paid amount, if the malfunction was caused by accident, abuse or loss of the Fonts as a result of theft, natural disaster, or negligence. The Author is in no event liable for any consequential, indirect, incidental, criminal or other specific damages.

8 Termination of License

8.1 In case any of conditions hereof is broken, the Author is entitled to terminate granted license for usage of the Fonts without any financial compensation. User agrees to immediately discontinue using the Fonts and delete all of the associated files and back-up copies.

9 Miscellaneous

9.1 This Agreement embodies the entire understanding between the Author and the User and supersedes all prior arrangements or understandings.

9.2 Content of this Agreement shall not be amended or changed in any way. The Agreement shall be governed by the law of Slovak Republic. The approval of contents of the Agreement by the User is expressed through the first usage of the Fonts. This Agreement is hereby deemed to be concluded.