The handpainted typeface from guideposts in the abandoned Korytnica spa.

Manual Korytnica typeface is a digitization of the handpainted type from the green guideposts in the abandoned spa in Korytnica, Slovakia.

Clearly based on the Manual Grotesk construction, this typeface features a number of original details – a nice example of author’s modification of the original model to their own style.

Every glyph of the digitized font exists in two variants that rotate automatically and mimic the hand-painted effect.

Styles: 1
Blocks: Basic Latin, Extended Latin
Languages: 100
Glyphs: 386
Figures: Proportional Lining (Default)
Features: Standard Ligatures, Ordinals
Version: 1.0
Copyright: Manual Korytnica, Ondrej Jób © 2018.
All rights reserved.
Release Date: Jun 30 2018