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UK Sans

Custom Fonts — 2021
16 Rue Said 250 Donald Sanders Drive #62
864 Coleman Estates Calle Fabian Palafox, 2
Plaza de Girona, F/18 96 Tunnel Saint-Jacques
Carrer de Simo, 38 87 Villa de la Madeleine
Kaiserring 52 96 Avenue Basse
Kochplatz 22 Mayerstrasse 67
65 Rue des Frigos 33 Rue Matthieu Milhaud

UK Sans is a low contrast sans-serif typeface in seven weights with wide language support, custom designed and developed for usage in the new visual identity of Comenius University in Bratislava.

Its design is based on a combination of various historical and modern influences, of which the most important is Capitalis Monumentalis – the Roman capital. UK Sans adapts its construction and stroke modulation, but also adds calligraphic contrast and other modern elements, such as perpendicular terminals of diagonal strokes and vertical terminals of curved strokes.

As the Capitalis Monumentalis did not have lowercase letters, they were custom-made for UK Sans. Their construction and proportions were developed very carefully to ensure that they work seamlessly with the capitals and work harmoniously in text setting.

The construction and proportions of the characters I, 1, 1 and O, 0 were adjusted for easy readability and legibility. The typeface’s distiguishable feature is the capital letter U which expands and open towards its top.

The UK Sans typeface contains a total of five sets of digits - proportional, tabular, old-style and superscripts and subscripts. Thanks to these sets, UK Sans covers all needs of the numbers setting. The five sets of numbers are supplemented by fractions, which, like other character variants, are available via the OpenType features.

Agency: Go Bigname, SK
Client: Comenius University Bratislava, SK
Date: May 21 2021