• Slovak National Design Award

Comenius University

Custom Fonts2021

UK Sans is a low contrast sans-serif typeface in seven weights with wide language support, custom designed and developed for usage in the new visual identity of Comenius University in Bratislava.

Its design is based on a combination of various historical and modern influences, of which the most important is Capitalis Monumentalis – the Roman capital. UK Sans adapts its construction and stroke modulation, but also adds calligraphic contrast and other modern elements, such as perpendicular terminals of diagonal strokes and vertical terminals of curved strokes.

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  • Light
    16 Rue de l’Odeon Passatge d’Urena, D/31
  • Medium
    83 Chaussee Vaneau Jana-Schmidt-Allee 41
  • Thin
    95 Rue Joubert 910 Cold View
  • Regular
    749 Round Rove C/31 Legienstrasse 2
  • Black
    691 Clear Path Plaza de Gaudi, 47
  • Heavy
    Ebertmarkt 19 470 Cox Drive Apt. 66
  • Bold
    Moritz-Dietrich-Platz 32 Philipp-Winter-Zeile 55