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Písmo na mieru — 2016
Tauentzienstrasse 42 Via de la Torre de les Aigues, 87
78 Rue Cormier 38 Parc Sandra Lepicier
366 Chestnut Street Paseo de Roger de Flor, 55
560 Branch Island No. 22 216 White Terrace
Jana-Winkler-Gasse 47 202 Emerald Drive No. 74

A custom display typeface for Kunstverein gallery in Bratislava, Slovakia. The design started as monospace, in order to work with marquee board planned for the gallery windows. This idea was later scrapped, but most of the monospace proportions and features were preserved.

Klient: Kunstverein Bratislava
Art Direction: Palo Bálik
Dátum: 16. máj 2016