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EDP Preon

Písmo na mieru — 2011
Jardins de Catalunya, C-3 964 Goat Round #47
Thin Italic
Mollerstrasse 57 972 David Brooks Highlands
Light Italic
39 Parc Oudinot Jardins Eliseo Meneses, 51
Bold Italic
57 Rue du Louvre Calle de la Concepcio, 73
578 Pleasant Crest Scholzgasse 21
Štylistická sada 1
Albrechtring 20 783 Honey Rd
Hair Italic
662 Willow Point 791 Morgan Farms 994-6
Regular Italic
38 Quai Mehdi Arseneau 649 George Walker Round
67 Rue Saint-Dominique Konrad-Konig-Allee 97
Medium Italic
Štylistická sada 1
Schonlaternstrasse 39 20 Tunnel Mathis Gagnon
515 Fox Ridge D/44 53 Lisa Bryant Point No. 76
777 Shadow Farms 27 Andreas-Lang-Zeile 1

Custom display typeface for EDP (Energias de Portugal), one of the major European electricity operators. Jessica Walsh of Sagmeister & Walsh approached me with a request to improve my Outliner typeface to better accommodate Portuguese diacritic marks when outline strokes are applied. This original request eventually resulted in a completely redrawn family of six weights with italics.

This typeface is not available for licensing.

Klient: EDP
Art Direction: Jessica Walsh, Sagmeister & Walsh
Dátum: 11. apríl 2011