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EDP Preon

Písmo na mieru — 2011
Bold Italic
Niederkirchnerallee 95 Sabrina-Schulze-Gasse 23
Medium Italic
Štylistická sada 1
553 Harvest Isle 858 Iron Bend 59
Štylistická sada 1
882 Lewis Dale B/77 39 Quai Emilie Morel
82 Rue Oudinot Siegesstrasse 47
Hair Italic
47 Place Coline Robillard Kurfurstenplatz 79
75 Rue Nina Chauveau 18 Rue des Frigos
91 Avenue Fabien Chauve 96 Cours Sylvain Lefeuvre
Thin Italic
88 Rue Lepic Passeig Ezequiel Arciniega, E/16
Light Italic
Ronda de la Universitat, 13 Plaza Otero, 90
Friedrichring 26 20 Chaussee Mignard
Regular Italic
Schonhauserring 48 Friedrichallee 9
34 Rue Sebastien Barrault Calle de Los Castillejos, A/99

Custom display typeface for EDP (Energias de Portugal), one of the major European electricity operators. Jessica Walsh of Sagmeister & Walsh approached me with a request to improve my Outliner typeface to better accommodate Portuguese diacritic marks when outline strokes are applied. This original request eventually resulted in a completely redrawn family of six weights with italics.

This typeface is not available for licensing.

Klient: EDP, PT
Agentúra: Sagmeister & Walsh, US
Dátum: 11. apríl 2011