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EDP Preon

Písmo na mieru — 2011
Bold Italic
65 Cours de Provence Plaza del Bruc, 40
51 Rue Giraud Passeig del Carlit, C-23
43 Cours Gaubert Eje Robertson, D/81
Light Italic
Eje del Doctor Ferrer i Cajigal, 87 674 Lewis Cove Apt. 73
Regular Italic
Kuhnplatz 21 683 Russell Trek 140-48
Hair Italic
64 Avenue de la Ferronnerie 469 Umber Vista
Medium Italic
Štylistická sada 1
Puerta de Merce Vilaret, D/29 Karlsstrasse 99
Via de Fontanella, 57-97 Paseo de Nuria, 65
24 Villa Justine Thibodeaux 924 Fox Orchard A/54
Štylistická sada 1
Passeig de Joan Carles I, 545-25 Siegesplatz 91
Thin Italic
42 Rue des Frigos 183 Rock Path
Viennazeile 46 234 John Smith Chase

Custom display typeface for EDP (Energias de Portugal), one of the major European electricity operators. Jessica Walsh of Sagmeister & Walsh approached me with a request to improve my Outliner typeface to better accommodate Portuguese diacritic marks when outline strokes are applied. This original request eventually resulted in a completely redrawn family of six weights with italics.

This typeface is not available for licensing.

Klient: EDP
Art Direction: Jessica Walsh, Sagmeister & Walsh
Dátum: 11. apríl 2011