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EDP Preon

Custom Fonts — 2011
Bold Italic
Leipzigerallee 41 445 Rogers Manor
Calle de Joan Brossa, E/36 Mullergasse 98
66 Blue Promenade 122 David Anderson Field
Stylistic Set 1
38 Pond Pass Steinstrasse 7
Light Italic
Lina-Bergmann-Gasse 77 Katharina-Pfeiffer-Markt 56
Thin Italic
77 Rue des Bons Enfants 910 Beacon View
Peter-Schwarz-Zeile 50 246 King Place Apt. 94
Regular Italic
Lasse-Pfeiffer-Platz 83 6 Place Du Sommerard
Puerta de Montserrat Roig, 36 285 Barn Heights
Hair Italic
Invalidenallee 44 947 Perry Court
Medium Italic
Stylistic Set 1
655 Sky Chase Fasaneriestrasse 21
Schwedterstrasse 81 743 Axe Gate

Custom display typeface for EDP (Energias de Portugal), one of the major European electricity operators. Jessica Walsh of Sagmeister & Walsh approached me with a request to improve my Outliner typeface to better accommodate Portuguese diacritic marks when outline strokes are applied. This original request eventually resulted in a completely redrawn family of six weights with italics.

This typeface is not available for licensing.

Client: EDP, PT
Agency: Sagmeister & Walsh, US
Date: Apr 11 2011