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EDP Preon

Custom Fonts — 2011
Medium Italic
Stylistic Set 1
Stefan-Jung-Ring 23 104 Orange Orchard B/9
465 Anchor Circle C-30 Judenring 93
Bold Italic
Dorotheerzeile 36 389 Chestnut Ridge
Regular Italic
Ronda Logan, D-56 98 Velvet Trek F-89
291 Zephyr Hill 22 51 Joseph Coleman Rove
534 Brook Avenue E-74 Puerta Eustaquio Valentine, B-40
Frankfurterplatz 31 16 Parc de l’Opera
Thin Italic
520 Broad Estates Apt. 85 974 Donald Baker Cove
Hair Italic
Plaza del Comte Borrell, 40 94 Emerald Sq
Stylistic Set 1
23 Place des Rosiers 54 Martin Bank No. 9
Light Italic
Kopenhagenergasse 40 442 Pearl Trek #23
Carrer Andrews, 777/79 501 Evans Point No. 95

Custom display typeface for EDP (Energias de Portugal), one of the major European electricity operators. Jessica Walsh of Sagmeister & Walsh approached me with a request to improve my Outliner typeface to better accommodate Portuguese diacritic marks when outline strokes are applied. This original request eventually resulted in a completely redrawn family of six weights with italics.

This typeface is not available for licensing.

Client: EDP, PT
Agency: Sagmeister & Walsh, US
Date: Apr 11 2011